Daily report third day of activity

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Daily report.

Date    8 Feb              Activity Day     III                    


Group :         Photography 

Activity The day started with a visit to al-Nimer palace in the old city. The group has previously met with the guide from the researcher team and two students who lead them to document the old palace, the Jasmeen neighbourhood and an old soap factory nearby. The group has been taking picture and experience practical work in the field. During this training the learn how to set a picture from different angles, with different light and how to use the focus function. After the lunch they came back to the centre and they had a session in the working room choosing and editing picture for the exhibition and for the final archive. Every participant took part in the analysis of his and others pictures discussing together for each picture the logic of the choice. This work due to the amount of pictures analysed and discussed lasted more then two hours and half


Outcomes We asked one of the participants to describe to us the outcome of the daily activity. They learn on the field:


– What a photographer needs

– What a photo needs to be communicative

– How to choose a frame

– Why we don’t need “perfect pictures”

– How to express yourself with a picture

– How to deal with people during taking pictures especially with subjects.

And on the laboratory:

– How to set a logic for choosing pictures

– How to select picture

– How to think to an Exhibition


Participant feedback For some of the participants the visit to the old city was the first time to enter so deeply inside it. A participant from Hebron another old city of Palestine was for the first time visiting the old city of Nablus and she thought a comparison with Hebron old City. In her comparison she noticed that even Nablus is more abandoned and destroyed then Hebron the old quarters and palace make this town a very interesting for all Palestine and an important part of its historical heritage. The other observation that she made is that although Hebron old city is more restored comparing to Nablus, is of more difficult access due to the Israeli occupation of the town around the Ibrahimi mosque and the presence of many Israeli settlements inside it.

For all the participant then, working in a group composed of international was very stimulating to learn different cultures and way of thinking and very confortable.


Problems There was only a logistic problem during the visit, the group too big for visit soap factory and they had to split in small groups in order to can enter the place and take picture more comfortably.


    Group :         Video

Activity The videomakers in this second day of field work they work all together in one troupe. Altough the fear of the trainer that working with a bigger group would have create more problems, the daily work was done without any complications, instead the workshop as the filming activity has been participated by the student all with the same enthusiasm and same efforts. The daily programme was to film the inside of the Turkish bath and to make an interview with an old man working there, to document an important feature of Nablus old and contemporary city.

After this place the troupe continued its filming tour in the surrounding neighbourhood to reach an old sweet factory. The students assisted by the trainer filmed this old artisan shop and the shop of a upholsterer nearby.

The work was very easy and the understanding of the idea of filming was more developed by the students who could improve themselves in filming and setting the stage. This day the students felt more comfortable with the technique as they where more involved in the shooting.

In the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00 the trainer started the lesson on movie editing in the editing room of the center. That was an open lesson to which attended lot of the training’s participant also from the photography group. With the excuse of starting editing the film shooted until this point, for the final product, the trainer showed to the participants the editing technique on Final Cut program. They learn how to work on timeline, how to render the movie and work with subtitles and sounds and many other features of this editing software.

Outcomes For both the students and the trainers this was a very fruitful day for what concerns the learning process and the practical implementation of it. Was also fruitful from the theoretical point of view because if some of them improved their ability to build a set the others experimented how to prepare and carry out an interview.

The theoretical lesson, which lasted more than three hours, was very participated and interesting.


Participant feedback Very good coordination of the fieldwork and direction of the shooting activity. Interesting and stimulating learning process because most of them went through activity they never did. Finally the group vibe was very positive and cooperative with a clear division of tasks and roles that made the team working good together.


Problems No problem day




Activity report 2nd day training

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The groups meet in different places and start their daily work in different part of the city.

Date    7 Feb              Activity Day     II                     Group :          Photography

Photographers group :

Activity This group in the morning session, due to a logistic problem was not able to exit for the fieldwork and instead has been working in the photography laboratory on technical issues, preparing cameras setting the tools and discussing about photography techniques and editing. After this session they accomplish a first tour in the field and they shoot the first pictures of the training on subject. This was a practical lesson on the field, which served as general preparation and overview to the following fieldwork. After the lunch at the centre the group went for a workshop in the old city and met with . They visited all the selected sites such as: The old suq, Hashimi Palace, Tuqan Palace, al-Qaryoun neighbourhood.

After the daylight went the group has been back to the Centre to discuss about the pictures and to analyse da day work. This final workshop lasted for two hours, the best pictures of the day where selected and saved on the Archive.

Outcomes The first lesson on photography had a very good outcome for all the participants who where involved and interested. They had the chance to improve their technical skills especially some of them who had no knowledge about the subject before. Although they weren’t able to do the fieldwork in the morning as planned the room lesson on theoretical issue about photography was very useful to give them the background of the subject. It was in general a good and fruitful working session both from the trainee and the trainer.
Participant feedback Good feedback from all the participants regarding the learning process


Video makers group:

Date    7 Feb              Activity Day     II                     Group :          Video

Activity The morning activity of this group started in the old city where the video makers one video makers two coordinators and some students from an-Najah met at 9:30. The group split in two filming troupes each of it composed by a cameramen, film director and technical assistant among the video makers participants. Each troupe was then lead by some researchers and one coordinator on a filming documentation tour in the old city. They filmed different places, the 1st troupe was filming in the old city at al-Nimer Palace and al-Jasmeena square. They realized interviews with two students who explained the history of the visited sites and in general about Nablus. Finally they realized one interview with an old descendant of al-Hashimi family. This filming will be part of the short documentary on the historical heritage of the city that has been chosen as the video final product. Their filming work was very good all the activity was carried over in a easy and productive way. There was an important interaction between the trainers and the students and at the end of the day the feelings of the group was very positive. The activity gave very good result due to the charisma of participants their confidence with the project and their good speaking skills.

The second troupe instead visited the historical palaces, Tuqan palace, where they interviewed one of the student on the history of the building. Then they move to visit Abd-el Hadi palace where they had the chance to meet and know one of the owner’s descendant with which they had an interview. After this site they had lunch for then moving to the last place for filming another interview. There they where joined by the second troupe and together had a final evaluation meeting on the day of filming, they exchange feelings and experience as well as technical details on the work done.


Outcomes Form the educational point of view the training was very useful for the participants because they where able to experience the following skills:

–       How to organize and manage filming troupes

–       How to set interviews

–       Which are the differents technique of f

–       Improving self confidence on set



All the components has been actively involved in the filming. The training in this stage followed participative methodology with the constant overview on trainee and theoretical discussion.


Participant feedback The work was easy going and the understanding among the different groups ensured a good coordination of the whole activity. The work was going good due to the previous preparation the group has done and the exchange of experience and sharing of skills among the participant was ensured a fruitful result of the day.







Problems Some technical problems in translation from Arabic to English. Some mistakes in historical research where discussed between the participants.









Plan of the second day

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Day: 07/02/2012 Location Shooting
GROUP A  9am-2pm Director: MargheritaAssistant Operator: Ahmad

Journalist: Mutaz

Researcher: Elisa/Ruba




  • Interviews with architecture students
  • Images of the palace (stills, details, panoramic views) INTERIOR/ EXTERIOR
GROUP B10am-2pm Director: KanaanAssistant Operator: Mahmud

Journalist: Nura


Researcher: Fabio/Mustafà




  • Interviews with architecture students
  • Images of the palace (stills, details, panoramic views) INTERIOR/ EXTERIOR